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March 2, 2008

International Man of Mystery, Day Four+

I hope my hangover does not prevent my thoughts from flowing :)

photo.jpgYesterday, my dad and I trekked to downtown Geneva again, despite the rain and gusts of wind that threatened to turn my umbrella inside-out. A brief stop in a cafe helped to fortify us.
By the afternoon, the weather had cleared up. We dressed ourselves up for the wedding and took a team to the church de notres dames.
photo.jpgThe entire party, probably about fifty people, gathered outside to meet and greet beforehand. The ceremony actually didn't take but an hour, with several people reading in both English and French. The ceremony was made complete by the presence of several small children endearing themselves to the audience by vocalizing at inopportune moments, but terribly cute none-the-less. An organ player, wind instrument player (I didnt recognize it) and vocalist made up the musical component, and joined the party for the entire evening.
DSC_3487.NEFWe joined Christophe and Abigail's inner circle of friends on a bus to the restaurant, which became a rowdy ride once the champagne began flowing. "Klaxon!" (Horn!) followed by "Oui!", whiched sounded much more like "waaay!" were the call to arms for the afternoon.
Once at the Cocktail, more champagnne, tiny little bites of tasty appetizers, conversation with folks. Cedric was there, a friend of Christophe's who visited Christophe back when he was over with us in the States. He introduced me to several friends, who all live in Geneva and have various professions; a consultant with Deutsche Bank, lawyer, etc.
photo.jpgAfter the cocktail and several glasses of champagne later, another rowdy bus ride to Les Caves des Vollandes for dinner and dancing. Just about the best red I've had in years, not to mention a phenomenal dinner.
Here's the menu:
photo.jpgPinot Gris - Domaine du Centaure 2007
Une et Mille nuits - Domaine Canet - Valette 2004

Gourmandises de petite plats:
Tartare de thon rouge en habit noir
Foie gras
Veloute de champignons
Risotto arborio a la truffle blanche alba
Compresse de boeuf, jus au gamaret
Ecrasse de pommes de terre
Legimes croquants de saison
Palette de fromages
Douceurs d'automne - Domaine des Abeilles d'or
Feve de chocolat noir torrefie, praline d'amandes
"The Caves" was constructed at the end of the 17th century, by the Swiss army. They were used to store ice after the first world war. More fun facts online, I'm sure.

Various friends gave both heartfelt and embarrassing speeches, one which had to be at least twenty minutes long. There was even a short movie summarizing Christophe's trip to Marakesh. (bachelor party)
After that incredible dinner, dancing ensued and more drinks...and....more....drinks.
Amazingly, many of the AARP set stuck around. After all, dinner finished at midnight! Even more amazing was the musician's three-year old kid who danced with us until at least 1:30! I stumbled to the hotel around 3:30 and became one with my bed until well into the day today.
This evening we have dinner at Christophe's parents' again, and tomorrow we jet our way back to the States! I'm home tomorrow, kids!photo.jpg

March 3, 2008

International Man of Mystery, Day Five

photo.jpgRough waking up early, but worth it for the Tmobile wifi access, pain au chocolat, espresso, and power for my iPhone. One can become spoiled traveling with business class folks like my parents:)
My flight doesn't depart until well after 10 local time (it's just after 6 now), so I'll be here a little while...photo.jpg

March 4, 2008

I'm back!

DSC_3596.NEF And I'm back. So glad to be home.

A nearly ten hour flight, bolstered with drink coupons in the economy section of a jet. Two hops, the first to Zurich, then direct to Dulles.photo.jpg




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