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March 3, 2004

Spring's a comin'

This past weekend my dad was an enormous help!

Saturday we trundled off to Home Depot and spend a couple hundred bucks on receptacle and fixture boxes, Romex wire, and wire staples. Then we spent the remainder of the afternoon nailing down boxes every 12 feet and no more than six feet from any door. Fun:)

Sunday, he and Noah helped out putting up siding, accomplishing almost another full height wall!

This upcoming weekend, we'll be constructing the framing walls around the tubs and showers. That means we'll need some strong arms to get the jacuzzi tub from the basement up to the master bath! Come on out and help us finish this piece up so we can get our bathroom done!

Also, we'll be drilling holes for electrical wire in the stud walls. A fun time to be had by all:) See you there.

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March 9, 2004

Princess Power to the Rescue

No, we're not getting weird here at Hearthwood (ok, so we've always been weird, sue us), but Jean (and Lucas), Krissy and Mavora came out to help this past Saturday, so it was definitely Princess Power.

The weather was an incredible 70+ degrees and AWESOME!

Saturday I made waffles for the ladies and then went out to enjoy the weather at Hearthwood. Chris and Michelle needed to borrow the truck, so the insight suited me for the day...

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March 16, 2004

Wiring; Day One

This past weekend, we had a number of familiar faces on-site lending a hand. Steve Snyder, Kathy & Bob's friend, helped out enormously with the wiring and planning of circuits, along with his son Ben. Christophe was in town from Switzerland, having come down from his all-hands meeting at JP Morgan in New York City. Bob, back from his month-long journey with Kathy to the mid-west, was out helping. My Dad, too, came out both days to do all manner of tasks...
Justin was out to help as well, and it was such a nice day that Jean stayed for a while during lunch, with Lucas.

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March 17, 2004

Kowtowing to the County

It had to happen - things were going too well with the County and we had to have a setback. That said, it's not all that bad, and totally managable.

Yesterday, Jean met (in the rain) with our Site Control Coordinator (or similar name) and took on the County. Despite pleading and some tears, we still have to abide by what our plan details. We have to put up the Super Silt Fence.

But not all of it! Jean, the diplomatic superstar that she is, managed not only to avoid a fine, but to make a compromise on how much we have to put up!

Only around the drainfield, essentially replacing the stuff we put up last weekend. The remainder of the perimeter need only be that orange erosion fence you might sometimes see at construction sites, which comes pre-attached to stakes in rolls from home depot.

I'm hoping the ground is soft enough to pound those posts in this time...

March 22, 2004

Silt Fence and Wiring

This weekend was really more than we could have hoped for. Not only did we manage to get the silt fence up, which I thought would have taken the whole weekend, but we also nearly finished wiring the top two floors!

Saturday morning, My Mom, Dad, Bob and Kathy all came out to help put up the super silt fence and regular silt fence. If you haven't seen the stuff, super silt fence is made up of 4" diameter poles, chain link fence and a plastic mesh laid on the chain link.

Last fall we only get so far as putting in three fence posts, since the ground was so hard.

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March 30, 2004

Wiring, Weekend Three

This past weekend we nearly finished all the electric wiring for the dome!

Saturday, I was pretty good about getting out to Hearthwood at a reasonable time. Dad, Bob and Kathy all helped to get the remaining wires put in the first floor, and move on to the basement.

We also began assembling our tub/shower unit, but noticed it had developed a small crack in the bottom and so decided to move it back to the basement and purchase a stand-alone tub for the first floor.

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March 31, 2004

Update: More Hearthwood Goings-on

Ron from Rising Sun Construction has begun work on the drainfield yesterday! AND our light fixtures (interior) arrived from the catalogue as well.

Today Jean met with Hooks Plumbing on site to go over some more details. She is now down at IKEA, buying our kitchen sink and solid wood countertops! Hussah!

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