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Welcome to Fall

Welcome to Fall

Our last bonfire of the year went off in style yesterday. I think 5pm is a bit late for the fall bonfire - light fades entirely too quickly to engage in any sort of lawn sports, especially if we don't have them set up yet:) I think next year we may only do one get-together like this, have it in the fall like this one, and push it earlier to around 3pm.

In any case, we had a blast! As soon as the sun set, the air became quite crisp and my mother started the bonfire. Mike S. had his telescope, which some may have mistaken for a small car, set up, pointed sometime later at the M-13 Globular Cluster.
We were cooking dogs and burgers throughout the night, and Mike S. brought a couple tasty flank steaks. We also has Scott R's wings (which ironically disappeared before he and Crystal even arrived :) ) and I'd roasted a pork shoulder to make pulled pork sandwiches.
My Amarillo Pale Ale disappeared inside of three hours, and the Old Dominion Lager and Scottish Light Ale were neck and neck for some time.

We saw more of our friends and family at this party than ever before! And we still missed some of you. Thank you all for coming and bringing your warmth and companionship for this incredible fall evening. We'll see you all from time to time, but of course are looking forward to next years bonfire or two.

Jean is due just after Thanksgiving, so wish us luck!

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