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Notice Something Different?

I've decided to shake things up a bit here at Hearthwooddome.com, having wanted to make some changes like this for a long time. Now I'm finally getting around to it, as the tools have gotten a bit more sophisticated for blogging and pushing out massive amounts of photos online.

You've probably noticed that my posts had gotten a bit mushy, not so much focused on content as much as how good simply tasty life is. Good stuff, all, but it gets boring. That's manly because most of my time on the blog was spent processing the countless photos we take of the kids and the dome. Let me tell you, getting a digital SLR is perhaps the biggest drain on productivity since we had kids:)

I use Movable Type blogging software - it can now assign colors and styles with the click of a button, so why not start? Because I had a crazy navigation bar and additional photo blog and some static graphics that would be a PAIN to change. I've removed the crazy frames you all are used to on the main page. Cleaner. I've also moved Hearthwooddome.com into winter, as we appropriately should be. Come spring, Hearthwooddome.com will be a light green, with summer and autumn motifs to follow. Nice.

I've ditched uploading photos to Hearthwooddome directly; no matter how easy such a thing can be made with Ecto, nothing is as easy as pushing photos directly to Flickr with the iPhoto Flicker Export plugin for iPhoto. I might have to upgrade my free account to a Pro one to get past the 100MB/month upload limit. We'll see.

I also Photocast to dot-mac, but that seems a bit tempermental, and not too many people know how to hit one of those RSS feeds put out by a Photocast other than to use iPhoto (psst! I've put a link or two in my sidebar to let you do that with Safari or FireFox (and perhaps other browsers) )

Lastly, I'm going to be posting more than just "Hey I made a pie today and we had family over for dinner, it was nice." I'm initially going to put a few categories up for posts:
• Tech - it's my job, I can't rightly stay away from posting on this stuff. But it won't be industry-focused as much as "Here's how to get a good backup using an external drive" and "Hey I got EVDO for internet 'cause I live in the sticks"

• Domesticity - Get it? (Hey, I live in a dome, I get to make jokes like this) All things home related: Gardening, Land Stewardship, Construction and Craftiness, Cooking, Beer Brewing, etc.

• And? I try to shy away from political or religious discourse, but I will probably repost some thoughts from Jean if she lets me.

I invite feedback.



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