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Visiting the Kransorfs, Ingrid & John's Wedding

This past week I took off Wednesday through the weekend to allow Jean, Lucas, Merrill and I to drive to New England to visit friends and family...
We left Wednesday and drove non-stop to Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Charlie's in Connecticut, where we stopped for lunch and to see one of the biggest (ok, probably the biggest) dogs I've ever seen. They have a Great Pyranese named Obediah ("Obie"). He's big - and hasn't yet learned that he's bigger than most people. He's friendly though:) From there we drove on to Kate & Kip's, currently under rennovation, where Kip and Kate graciously allowed us use of their basement as our basecamp while trekking to New Port, RI, the following day, to attend Ingrid and John's wedding. Kate, Kip, Zeke and Xander are undergoing quite the ordeal, having to live amongst a construction zone. It brought back memories of living in the Phillipsons' basement and our construction, only we had it nice in retrospect. Thursday Jean and I left the kids with a baby sitter at the Kate & Kip's and drove to RI. It took us longer than usual what with a few wrong turns and traffic, but we made it to see Ingrid walking down the aisle. We had quite the time, and it was far too short. Friday Jean, Lucas, Merrill and I went to the New England Aquarium and saw some wonderful sea life. Lucas was fascinated by the sharks and jelly fish. We even got to see divers feeding the fish! Lucas even got to feel a starfish in the kid area. We ate lunch downtown and Lucas got to chase the pigeons, a pastime all kids will understand. That night we all went to IKEA to get some cabinets for Kate & Kip's kitchen (say that three times fast), and Zeke and Lucas refused to come out of the ball pit (Smaland) at the end of the evening, resulting in a call to security to let us in to nab them (day one of no train toys for Lucas). Saturday we all (including Aileen and her daughters Elisa and Monica) went to an Apple Orchard to pick apples, at which we had a great time, though Lucas puked on the way there (he had swallowed too much mucus from a cold), necessitating an emergency visit to a children's consignment shop. After the apple picking we went to a pumpkin patch where we ate caramel apples and ran all around (the kids here) the pumpkins, Lucas managing to throw a small one in a pond (no trains for a second day for that one) but Kip fished it out. We drove home today, and just finished eating the first apple pie of the season, from fresh New England Cortland and Macoun apples.

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