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7th Anniversary

Jean and I celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary today. Incredible.

We went on a very yuppified L.L. Bean Kayaking tour, which was actually pretty awesome.

For $12 each, we walked into the store, signed up, hopped on a bus and were driven to Lake Accotink where we were provided a few minutes of basic paddling instruction and then pushed off in nice kayaks to the lake. A college student instructor led us around the lake for about an hour (a group of five of us) and then back to the bus. All in all, a nice way to spend a few hours and quite a deal. You can't rent equipment that nice, or that cheaply at BelHaven Marina, and you sure couldn't do that for $12 a trip if you bought your own equipment, unless you went out every weekend of the season (think $700 for a kayak on the cheap end at their store).

Jean and I were able to work on our respective Hearthwood hobbies on Sunday, she painting her art nouveau house numbers on the mailbox tiles, and finishing at least the two sides of the mailbox, resetting tiles that had fallen off.

I was able to find a good place for the hearthwood sign supporting posts, clearing, digging the holes, setting and leveling the posts, then pouring the concrete (a la SAKRETEā„¢). I should be able to finish burning the letters into the sign, then varnish and set the sign onto the posts before the bonfire.

Lucas is talking more than ever now, using phrases like "what KIND of cereal is that?" and "want to play trains WITH me." Merrill is showing off more of her personality than ever, attempting to share whatever she is chewing on with me by shoving it in my mouth and responding to sign language for "water" (Agua) and "more" (as in cereal).

Jean may be joining Krrissy's intramural volleyball team for the season, as they are down a woman. Krissy came over Sunday to drill Jean and myself on some basic knowledge - I might take it up too, just to have something outside the house to do:)

Looking forward to the bonfire - hope to see you all there on the 23rd! If you haven't received an evite yet, check your spam folder, or email us!


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