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Wiring Almost Done

We're so close! We just about finished running wire and finishing it all for inspection.

On Saturday, the Princesses came over in the morning to celebrate Jean's (early) birthday by helping out. Krissy came over early and made us waffles! Then Krissy and I went over to Hearthwood, Meagan and Angie following a short while later. Meghan went with Jean to Home Depot to get supplies.

The Princesses were a real help, stripping wiring, stapling wiring and much more.

Sunday I went out to Hearthwood around 8am to get an early start. Bob and Kathy focused on finishing the conduit, and my dad and mom pre-empted working on their mailbox to help out.

Everyone was an enormous help, running the last circuit, finishing the conduit, pulling the wires into the panel box, wiring lights, stripping wires, etc. It's amazing just how much work there is to do with that.

Yesterday, my mom and Jean even put in a few hours to finish wiring the panel box and strip the last dozen or so outlet boxes.

This week Jean and I will be out at Hearthwood one evening or two, to fully flesh out our wiring diagrams and circuit layouts for the dome.

This next weekend, we'll run the coaxial wire from our wiring closet to the basement (we need to run that one, as it's on an exterior wall that will need to be insulated), one to the kitchen and one to our bedroom for future cable/satellite connections. We'll also run one over to the deck door, as that is probably where our future satellite dish feed will come in the house.

We'll also run speaker wire to the living room, kitchen, and our bedroom and bath.

We're not running any wire to the basement that we don't yet need, since we're leaving it unfinished and can always do that later. We can probably get the remaining wire run on Saturday, and start on the insultation on Sunday. That means we'll need to buy insulation this week. We're still planning on looking into the rigid insulation for the dome roof, but some if not all will be the Pink Panther type of insulation.

We can probably finish the insulation by the end of next weekend (the 17th & 18th) and get the drywall guys to do the job that week. From what we understand, we may be able to get to painting the following weekend, but perhaps not. It all depends on how early in the week they start the job.

So, come on out (I know it's Easter weekend, but someone's got to be in town) this weekend and help out pulling easy speaker wire and insulating!

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Ed, Jean, Lucas,

It sounds to me like every thing is going great with the home! Tell everyone i said whats up. Peace and Love, Josh

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