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Second Floor Joists

Man what a weekend! We put up the two enormous LVL "green beams" to serve as the header material over the kitchen opening AND we got the joists for the second floor all in place save two.

Saturday morning I drove out to Hearthwood to see just how many trees NOVEC had cut down for the power line easement. It was quite a shock. Sunlight streaming through the trees had turned into a clear-cut swath of land 30 feet wide...

The winter makes it look a bit more barren to be sure. And all the trucks have made things a bit muddy. Yuck. I'm really looking forward to spring when things begin to grow back and we get some foliage and undergrowth.

Anyway, we have an ample supply of firewood to be sure.

So, on Saturday Chris, Josh and Krissy came out to help Bob and myself. We made quite the team, Chris and I up top, measuring and placing joists. Josh and Bob cut them to length and lifted them up.

Let me tell you, it was nice to have a bit warmer weather, because the kerosene heater didn't do much last weekend. It actually made a good difference (positive home-owner/builder spin) this weekend, warming the basement a degree or two.

Krissy was especially helpful, getting us the necessary tools to do the job and also taking care of some things that had been nagging at me for a while: filling gaps with expansion insulation and taping tyvek seams, as well as measuring other places we need to fill with plywood or "two-by" material.

We worked a bit into the night even, with our floodlights casting shadows on the inside of the dome.

On Sunday, Bob and I worked only for a few hours, but were able to shore up the LVL beams with connecting bolts and set the ends a bit better. We finished off the remaining joists, except for two or three which we'll use to support the master bath tub even more securely.

We even got our remaining plywood from the first subfloor placed up onto the joists, ready for next weekend when we'll begin screwing and glueing!

Our culvert remains clear, so we're ready for any further winter weather.

I stood where our bedroom will be. Just under the skylight in the tallest part, we have something like 12 foot ceilings! Of course, the nature of the dome means that it curves down around the edges, but it's a great feeling to have all that space. I can't wait for the finish work!

During the next two weeks, we should have our electric hookup ready for house power. At this point, we may forgo the temp, just in the interest of time. Our heating and AC work will begin in January, and we'll probably begin siding-unless it's not required for a RUP (residential use permit). In that case, we'll probably skip on to electric and plumbing, then insulation and drywall...

See you all 'round!

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