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My Cellphone Works on the Roof

That's right. Only two bars, but it works. How do I know? We put the last skylight into place last Saturday and I got to climb on the dome. What a view!

We began by poking my parents' enormous ladder up into the skylight hole, and our smaller one up to the dormer window, where I climbed out and up on the roof to remove the tarp and wood cap Ken had devised.

Bob tied me off to a tree on the opposite side and I hooked it up to the climbing harness, both borrowed from my parents. They have a four story house, so painting and shingle work is a serious chore for them.

After removing the cap, Bob and Jean harnessed the skylight and I pulled it up through the center hole. I caulked it, placed it, and secured it with screws. Et voila.

Earlier in the week, (Friday?) Jean ordered a load of gravel to replace what washed off the drive into the stream from the hard rains earlier. Our culvert had clogged up with leaves and the strong rains had pushed the stream over our drive entrance. Such a shame to see hundreds of dollars of gravel gone. We will make the culvert clearing a summer project next year.

Saturday was a bit cold, but brilliantly clear, so we took the opportunity to do that, as well as put in the sliding glass door on the first floor. We heard that we'd be getting some seriously nasty weather on Sunday so figured we'd sacrifice the easy "tractor-lift" method of moving appliances from one floor to the other for a dry house. The stairs are done anyway, so they will work fine for moving the washer and dryer-type stuff.

Jean was able to get to Hearthwood and spread the gravel she got with the Kubota. Funny thing is, we didn't know if it (the gravel) would be there or not, as we'd ordered it by phone but hadn't been to the site to see if it was there. Wilson Trucking just dropped it off without even asking for payment! They are so nice, that Jean dropped off a Poppy Seed Cake this week as well as the check to thank them.

We also got a bit of stuff moved off the drainfield that day. Oh! And Bob and I worked to get the propane tank, also received earlier this week, into the hole that Jean dug. A massive, 500 gallon tank that will afford us gas for our dryer, water heater, furnace, stove, and eventually back deck grill!

We enjoyed seeing Amelia & Mike and Adrian and John, who came out to get Christmas trees that afternoon. It's amazing that with almost a dozen trees gone, there doesn't seem to be any difference in how the landscape looks at all. Not even a dent!

Sunday. What can I say? Four-six inches of snow, as well as rain. It was time to clear the culvert. I took Mike Connell's backhoe and scooped out several buckets of wet leaves and mud and our culvert cleared. Thank goodness - I can't imagine all the water that will come of all that snow melting along with the rain. I was also able to recover a few scoops of our washed over gravel.

The rest of the day, I slogged around the in the oatmeal, directing my dad to move various and assorted things from what will be the drainfield. We moved our old leftover joists, several rolls of silt fencing, fence poles, decorative stone, and my dad lifted some 3/4" plywood up to the porch so we could bring it inside.

Bob and I muscled his radial arm saw from the basement up to the first floor, a task not taken lightly (ha ha).

Lastly we began figuring the angle for the joists and cut the first one. Nothing up there just yet, but we accomplished A TON of necessary tasks that weekend.

This next weekend we can finally begin the joist work, and we (ahem, Jean, I mean) figured out where the green (they really are green) LVL's go. We still have Christmas trees for those who need them, and also need help in a big way! See you then:)

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Are you going to be out there Saturday Morn/Day? Let me know what time and i'll be there. Email me back. Josh

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